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Wizard Radio - Top 10 Things You Should NOT Do On A First Date


Top 10 Things You Should NOT Do On A First Date

In partnership with the new film Between Two Worlds

Top 10 Things You Should NOT Do On A First Date

Between Two Worlds comes this October 23rd

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Between Two Worlds is the new film directed by James Marquand. It tells the story of young writer Ryan (Chris Mason) who is desperately for inspiration for his new novel whilst suffering a badly broken heart after being dumped by his glamorous girlfriend Lucy (Wallis Day) and adjusting to life away from his beloved Liverpool.

In a misguided effort to cheer him up, his two best mates, John (Elliot Gleave / Example) a successful city trader and Connor (Lucien Laviscount) a budding Hollywood actor, take him out on a tour of the wild excesses of London's party scene where he meets the girl of his dreams, art gallery owner Anna (Hannah Britland). However on his journey, Ryan becomes torn and conflicted between life’s priorities; to his friends, to his writing and to his roots.

In partnership with Between Two Worlds we asked you, live on-air, to send in the Top 10 Things You Should NOT DO On A First Date - we would pick the Top 10 from your send-ins and publish them online!

Here we go...

#1 – Don’t spend too much money or buy a really expensive meal.
Let's be honest, you won't be able to ALWAYS buy her an expensive meal, so the first date meal should be the same price level as your 'average date meal' to let them know what they can expect.

#2 – Don’t grill them or make it feel like an interview.
As much as you want to find out as much about them as possible and do compatibility tests, it's not cool. First dates should be social events, not pressurising interviews.

#3 – Don’t be typical, ‘dinner and a movie’ will bore them.
As cute as it may sound to 'Netflix and Chill', it will bore them and make you easily forgettable. Do something bold but, at the same time, nothing too scary or it may frighten them.

#4 – Don’t brag about yourself.
We know you're cool - heck, if you're reading this then you ARE cool - but they should be able to work that out, not be told it. You're not Donald Trump, you don't need to tell the world how much you're worth.

#5 – Don’t be negative.
Your date wants to have as much fun as you do, and is probably as nervous as you are. Negativity always brings down a party, so much sure you're exciting and always positive.

#6 – Don’t talk about your ex.
No no no no no no no NO! Just don't, nobody cares and nobody wants to hear it.

#7 – Don’t eat things which can get stuck in your teeth or are messy.
The same goes for garlic and onion. If you want to have a chance of: a) Keeping your attractiveness; b) Having a kiss at the end of the night, you'll need to forefit the parsley, spaghetti, garlic bread and onion bahji's.

#8 – Don’t bring a friend.
We thought this was obvious but SOMEONE sent it in, so it obviously isn't obvious for some people. This is a romantic date, not a play date!

#9 – Don’t pick your nose or burp.
As much as they probably want to see your insides as soon as possible (wink wink) - they don't want to see THOSE insides (e.g. down your throught or up your nose). You get what we mean...

#10 – Don’t start talking about marriage or having babies.
As much as we like a planner, that's probably a bit too far.

Between Two Worlds is released in cinemas and on demand on October 23rd.

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