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Wizard Radio - Corbyn Gains Labour Leader Status


Corbyn Gains Labour Leader Status

Corbyn is in the hot seat and already making big changes

Corbyn Gains Labour Leader Status

Victory for the popular MP

Tessa Bundy

W!ZARD News Author

Jeremy Corbyn was the victor in the Labour leadership battle. A few months ago if you had said he was going to win I think almost everyone including himself would have laughed at you, and yet here we are, Jeremy Corbyn a 66 year old backbencher has just got the highest job in the Labour Party.

At the start of the leadership battle, Andy Burnham was the front runner with Yvette Copper the main competition and Liz Kendall also contending. Jeremy Corbyn entered to make the competition more diverse and turn away from the new Labour way of thinking, which has seen them lose elections. He hoped to turn back to old Labour - when they were winning. To enter the race other Labour MPs put their names forward to accept him, some just said yes to open the debate, not many thought he would actually win.

Over 250,000 supporters and members voted him in to office. His first public engagement was to speak at a pro migrants and refugees rally in central London, at this he thanked his supporters and broadly said what his plans are to help the migrants. By going to this pre-planned event, it showed that he is still going to be the down to earth man he has always been. He has had to clarify his - and now the party's standings, on important issues that are splitting the party and country, including the EU, Trident and refugee crisis.

Corbyn has been in the job nearly three weeks now and in that time he has made some controversial moves. He received criticism for not singing the National Anthem at the memorial for the Battle of Britain. This was seen as disrespectful to the Queen, and as the official leader of the opposition, his job is to serve under the Queen. His defence was that he was being respectful in his own way, but has said that he will sing it in future.

Corbyn has made some controversial selections in his shadow cabinet including his friend and left winger John McDonnell, as shadow chancellor. McDonnell's previous record hasn't been up to most people's expectations for a chancellor, he has stated on previous occasions that a member of the Northern Irish terrorist group IRA should be honoured. He has a lot to prove to win the public around. The shadow MP for environment, food and rural affairs - Kerry McCarthy - is a vegan. This has raised a couple of questions as to whether she is going to be ready to fight for farmers, whose jobs it is to rear animals for slaughter.

Some high regarded MPs ruled themselves out of being part of Corbyn's front bench, these included Yvette Copper - former shadow home secretary, Tristram Hunt - former shadow education secretary and Chris Leslie - former shadow chancellor. These big names ruling themselves out so quickly after the results highlights the divisions that are emerging in the party with Corbyn at the helm.

At the first Prime Minister questions he decided to change the rules, instead of asking his own questions to David Cameron he asked members of the public to email him questions that he could ask on their behalf, the public seemed to like this idea as he received over 40,000 questions.

The general public seem to like Corbyn, as he doesn't fit the normal polished presentation like other politicians, this makes him seem more normal and down to earth. He has also been praised for appointing the first shadow mental health secretary, whose job will be to focus on improving mental health services in the country. He has also won round the TUC union with his plans, being the first labour leader to receive a standing ovation in more than 30 years.

In conclusion it is going to be a while before we know whether Labour made the right choice in electing Jeremy as their leader and we will have to wait until the 2020 general election to see whether he is still leader and whether Labour are back.

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