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Wizard Radio - Playlist: Mumford & Sons (Sunday 27th)


Playlist: Mumford & Sons (Sunday 27th)

Mumford & Sons are the penultimate act on stage for the Apple Music Festival

Playlist: Mumford & Sons (Sunday 27th)

Mumford & Sons; Apple Music Festival, London 2015

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Mumford & Sons are the penultimate act at this years Apple Music Festival. The indie-rock band, best known for their banjo-fuelled first and second albums, recently released follow up, 'Wilder Mind, to critical acclaim.

We've compiled a playlist of 5 of our favourite Mumford & Sons songs that we hope we'll hear during their set at the Apple Music Festival.

Little Lion Man

The band's first single which leaped them into worldwide success. Released in 2009, the single peaked at Number 1 in the US - but only made it to Number 24 in the UK. Either way, we're hoping that this high-energy piece will make it into the set and will let the band go back to their roots.

I Will Wait

I will wait, I will wait, for you... This was the first track that we truly fell in love with - off of the band's second album 'Babel'. Until then, Mumford & Sons were relatively unknown to the general public. When this song hit the radio, sales boomed and we all came to know the sound we love today.

Lover of the Light

As if the music video, which is co-directed by and stars Idris Elba, isn't enough of a reason - the vibes created by this track are too much to not be featured. The harmonies in the chorus, the chords on the guitar and banjo... this is a near-perfect hit for Marcus Mumford and Co.


When their latest album 'Wildest Mind' was released, we were all told to expect something different. The banjos were gone and they were added 'electric elements' to their music. We were nervous for sure, but when lead single 'Believe' was released our worries were put at rest. It's a vibey, 'lighters in the air' style song which we adore.

Snake Eyes

Mumford & Sons' slower songs, such as Snake Eyes, cannot be forgotten. The way the track builds up only to fall down afterwards, it's a musical fairytale of love. It's truly one of the songs which have cemented Mumford & Sons in music history.

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