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Wizard Radio - Review: Hotel Transylvania 2


Review: Hotel Transylvania 2

We review this enjoyable, fast-paced kids action comedy.

Review: Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2

Jack Vogler

W!ZARD News Author

Hotel Transylvania 2 is an enjoyable fast-paced action comedy for kids.

Set seven years after its predecessor, Dracula (Adam Sandler, also co-writer) worries that his newborn grandson Dennis will not have vampire abilities in his genes. He goes on a mission to see if he can make Dennis his ideal grandson.

The heart of the story lies with Dennis' character. As a young boy growing up, he faces pressure from his family to be a certain thing, to do certain things yada yada... Whilst you may think the story is heading one way at the beginning with one cliché after another, you end up travelling down a slightly different road - one with Mel Brooks at the end.

'3-D' lost its way as a selling point many years ago, and now, almost every blockbuster animated film for children is brought out in this way (funnily enough, a 3-D trailer for an Angry Birds film was shown beforehand: too little, too late?). Whilst the animation is commendable in HT2, the 3-D aspect is rarely used effectively. I also cannot leave out the shameless product placement from Sony, which felt misplaced in the context and design of the film.

The admirable cast, featuring Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Keegan-Michael Key and Kevin James give us innumerous silliness in 90 minutes - even if the plot only just manages to sustain that long.

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