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Wizard Radio - Example stars in Between Two Worlds


Example stars in Between Two Worlds

Could Example get any cooler? Well yes, yes he has.

Example stars in Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds comes this October 23rd

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

You know how much we love Example. He's entertained us with hits such as 'Kickstarts', 'Changed The Way You Kissed Me', 'Kids Again' and many more. He was also Ed Sheeran's best bud before anyone else (yes, we all remember the Nando's Skank) and, now, he's proving himself to be even cooler.

How could a man like Example get any more cool? Is it even possible? Well, yes. Yes it is.

Elliot Gleave (AKA Example) is starring alongside Chris Mason ('Legend'), Hannah Britland and Lucien Laviscount ('Scream Queens') in new film Between Two Worlds directed by James Marquand.

Between Two Worlds tells the story of young writer Ryan (Chris Mason) who is desperately searching for inspiration for his new novel whilst suffering a badly broken heart after being dumped by his glamorous girlfriend Lucy (Wallis Day) and adjusting to life away from his beloved Liverpool.

In a misguided effort to cheer him up, his two best mates, John (Elliot Gleave / Example) a successful city trader and Connor (Lucien Laviscount) a budding Hollywood actor, take him out on a tour of the wild excesses of London's party scene where he meets the girl of his dreams, art gallery owner Anna (Hannah Britland).

However on his journey, Ryan becomes torn and conflicted between life’s priorities; to his friends, to his writing and to his roots.

Does that sound cool to you? OH YEAH IT IS. Between Two Worlds is released in cinemas nationwide and on demand on October 23rd. Don't miss it.

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