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Wizard Radio - Review: Take That (Sunday 20th)


Review: Take That (Sunday 20th)

It all seemed very throwback-like and a guilty pleasure gone too far, but we loved it nonetheless.

Review: Take That (Sunday 20th)

Apple Music Festival, London 2015

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Night Two of the Apple Music Festival calls, and it’s time for 90’s boyband turned modern day ballad factory Take That to take to the stage.

For the teens in attendance (we were few and far between), it was a set full of, ‘Oh they perform THAT song!’ and ‘Oh I remember this from The Circus album’. For the majority (fourty-something screaming women), it was the chance to fulfil a lifelong dream of Robbie Williams serenading you.

Unfortunately, Robbie has left the band, as has Jason Orange (Who? Exactly). But, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald are still in full force with a set that, surprisingly, lacks many of their newer Number 1’s.

The bands latest album, the aptly named ‘III’, has recently seen them embark on a two-leg UK tour (the UK part ended in Newcastle in June, the European part starts in Denmark on the 1st of October). Despite the lack of hits from the track, led single ‘These Days’ charted at Number 1, whilst ‘Let In The Sun’ and ‘Higher than Higher’ struggled to make the Top 40.

Opening with ‘Shine’ and ‘Greatest Day’, arguably their best two tracks, we were ready to leave. That’s had they not followed it up with an epic, non-stop set list featuring ‘Patience’, ‘Pray’, ‘Up All Night’, ‘The Flood’ and ‘Relight My Fire’. There was a mixture of hits from when the band were a five-some but mostly a collection of their time as a four-some.

Through-out the whole set, not a person could be seen checking Twitter or replying to an email. If there’s one thing Take That can’t be accused of, it’s putting on a bad show. Their crowd interaction was on point, regularly making sure that everybody was a part of the show and, although, at times it did all feel a bit ‘over the top’ – their showmanship has to be credited for.

At times, the scene on stage looked like a 90’s reunion party. “Gary Barlow and his Two Sons” singing karaoke – that type of scene. Mark Owen seems to have taken Robbie Williams role as the ‘jokey’ character in the group, with Gary Barlow playing the ring leader and Howard… well that’s the problem. As much as we love Howard… you get where we’re going with that.

Through a setlist of 13 power-house tracks, the only boo the band received was when they announced that their next song was their last. They redeemed themselves by promising that “if the audience shout loud enough, we may have rehearsed another one too”.

Ending on ‘Rule The World’ before an extended version of ‘Never Forget’, featuring plenty of confetti and giant balloons, the party was over.

It all seemed very throwback-like and a guilty pleasure gone too far, but we loved it nonetheless.

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