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Wizard Radio - Review: Charlie Puth (Sunday 20th)


Review: Charlie Puth (Sunday 20th)

Charlie Puth reminds everyone why he is someone to get excited about.

Review: Charlie Puth (Sunday 20th)

Apple Music Festival, London 2015

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

For anybody under the age of 20, Charlie Puth was perhaps the act they were most looking forward to for Night 2 of the Apple Music Festival.

The 23 year old singer-songwriter gained fame with his Wiz Khalifa-collaboration earlier this year (‘See You Again’) which left Fast & Furious fans in floods of tears. His latest release, ‘Marvin Gaye’, featuring Meghan Trainor has proved that he is much more than a one hit wonder. His set at the Apple Music Festival reassured fans that his upcoming debut album, ‘Nine Track Mind’, is worth listening to.

Puth did the risky thing of opening with three tracks that many in the audience wouldn’t have heard of yet. ‘Some Type of Love’ (the title track of his debut EP) opened the set and set the scene for a soulful, upbeat session. Puth could be seen smiling in awe, only a few months ago he was broke in California – now he’s opening for Take That! He proves himself thankful many times during the set.

Also featured in his set is next single, ‘One Call Away’ which is instantly a fan favourite. Turning many heads in the crowd, this is the track which is most definitely a hit. After saying hi to his parents, whilst looking down the camera lens, he performs ‘Marvin Gaye’ and does an upbeat-jazz cover of Calvin Harris & Disclosure’s ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ – both of which get the crowd moving and shacking.

Charlie Puth’s confidence is radiated through his music. An outstanding set, ending on his solo version of ‘See You Again’, reminds the audience why he is someone to get excited about.

We’re very much looking forward to what is come for Charlie Puth.

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