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Wizard Radio - Playlist: Take That (Sunday 19th)


Playlist: Take That (Sunday 19th)

Take That should play a mix of their new vibes and the old greats.

Playlist: Take That (Sunday 19th)

Take That

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Take That take to the Apple Music Festival stage on Night 2 of this internationally streamed event. Now down to three members (after Robbie Williams and, more recently, Jason Orange departed the band), the band have reinvented themselves with latest album 'III' which introduces a new, poppier vibe.

We've compiled a playlist of 5 of our favourite Take That songs that we hope we'll hear during their set at the Apple Music Festival.

These Days

New single 'These Days' needs to make it onto the set within at least the first 5 songs. The new, poppier sound has been a hit with audiences recently and, if the band want to make the show sound anything other than a 'Greatest Hits' show, a lot of the new music will be played.


Okay, it's not as good as Robbie William's similarly named collaboration with Kylie Minogue ('Kids') but, again, it's that new sound that we're dying to hear. Plus, it'll get us dancing and that's as good as anything. For some reason, though, we don't think it's going to make the set list.

Greatest Day

If Take That are going to make this the Greatest Day of our lives, this song will make the cut. There isn't anybody on this planet who hates this ballad. We'd love to see how many of the long notes Gazza can still hit and if confetti still comes from the ceiling during this number like it used to. Either way, it's partly responsible for their meteoric return in 2008.


Around the same time as Greatest Day came out, Shine did as well. For many of us, it was the first real taste of Take That we'd had apart from our parent's dated compilation albums playing in the car. Most of us still know every single word of it.

Never Forget

With the recent departure of Jason Orange, and the previous departure of Robbie Williams, this would be an emotional note to end off on - but it would be legendary. We would cry, they would cry... the world would cry.

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