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Wizard Radio - Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn (With Thanks To The Tories)


Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn (With Thanks To The Tories)

Benji Hyer reports on the realities of Jeremy Corbyn as the future leader of the UK...

Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn (With Thanks To The Tories)

Jeremy Corbyn eyes victory

Benji Hyer

W!ZARD News Author

Jeremy Corbyn has gone from a veteran backbencher most well-known for protesting in the streets, to a 500-1 outsider, to the Labour leader, all in the space of about three months. Politics really is miraculous. Whilst Corbyn should be credited with providing a complete alternative to austerity and the foreign policy status quo, he has been rightfully criticised with his closeness to terrorist groups like the IRA, Hamas or Hezbollah. Jeremy is indeed an intriguing character.

What do the next five years hold for us? Unlike Miliband, Corbyn has the support of most of his party’s MPs, despite the fact that seem big names have ruled themselves out of featuring in his shadow cabinet. For this reason, I’m not as confident as many that his reign will be cut dramatically short. So if he lasts, he will stand for election on 2020, and though it’s unlikely, he might earn the role of Prime Minister, a job he’s never actually claimed he wanted.

The reason I suggest this as a possibility is because the Tories are getting slightly ahead of themselves, believing they’ve already won 2020, and that doesn’t bode well for them. Already, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has branded Labour under Corbyn as a danger to “national security”, “the economy”, and “your family”, seemingly imagining that scaremongering the public and undermining the opposition is the best route to success. It is in reality not; the Conservatives must be more modest, and more fearful – there’s nothing the British despise more than cocky Tories.

The fact is that if they opt for Osborne as their next leader, which is probable, then this country will have to choose between a pretty dull individual named George, who has frivolously slashed public services for the last decade, or a charismatic individual who offers genuine change in the form of Jeremy Corbyn. Whilst I am no fan of Jeremy, I can definitely see people being attracted by the latter.

In spite of him surprisingly giving off a good impression to much of our Wizard Radio listeners during Sunday’s show, it is commonly claimed that Corbyn is unelectable. I hope that this claim remains to be true, yet if the Conservatives do not maintain an effective government or choose an appealing successor to Cameron, then the threat of a Corbyn Prime Ministership is a real one.

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