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Wizard Radio - Dedication Song: First Day of My Life


Dedication Song: First Day of My Life

Thomas dedicates Bright Eyes' song about confusion within love.

Dedication Song: First Day of My Life

First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

Thomas Mills

W!ZARD News Author

Each week on Therapy with Thomas Mills, Thomas chooses a song which means something and can teach us a lesson. He calls it his 'Dedication Song'.

This week, that song was First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes.

This song is about the inner confusion one feels before, during and after a relationship. The singer talks about how he felt like he hadn’t lived his life until he met his ‘dream girl’ – she showed him love and all he could think about is her. Then he did something wrong (such as cheated on her, they broke up and now he is realising that he needs her much more than he originally thought he did. It really epitomises how many questions are placed during relationships and how turbulent life with someone else in the picture can be. But, everyone in a relationship experiences the same turbulence, and that should help you feel safe.

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