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Wizard Radio - W!ZARD Radio Station: September Programming Updates

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W!ZARD Radio Station: September Programming Updates

An update on W!ZARD Radio Station's programming for the new academic year...

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

W!ZARD Radio Station is extremely excited to announce a new season of radio shows joining the schedule this September.

Friday’s scheduling remains mainly the same, with the exception that X.O.C’s new two hour evening show includes new features.

Saturday sees show movement and the addition of two new programmes. Elena Lockett moves to the new time of 11.00am (from her 7.00pm ‘Sleepover’ themed show) with a new ‘Lunch Time’ show whilst new talent Jack Lockyer-Stevens presents the Alternative Charts from 1.00pm and Lauren Summers presents ‘Nearly Lauren’, her discovery and soundtrack based on her YouTube channel of the same name.

Sunday stays unchanged apart of new personality-and-music show ‘In The Mix’ which is previously announced.

The major feature of September’s programming updates are the increase in online content related to shows as well as investment in future programming.

In line with W!ZARD Radio Station’s “go further” content campaign (seeing radio show formats expand beyond radio and onto new platforms), as of September 2015 W!ZARD Radio Station will be operating the following content:

The "go further" campaign is an increasingly important part of W!ZRAD Radio Station's appeal to our hundreds of thousands of weekly listeners, providing access to their favourite presenters during the week when we are not on-air.

- Alex Irons Universe (weekly playlists and live events with Alex Irons on Fridays)
- Kaleya’s Cover Content (online bi-weekly populist contest linked with Kaleya Baxe on Saturdays)
- Casting You (mid-week interview podcast linked with Generation You on Sundays)
- Dedication Song (article-based content linked with Therapy on Sundays)
- Therapy Unplugged (mid-week article-based content linked with Therapy on Sundays)
- Roman & Adam (bi-weekly podcast linked with Roman Armstrong on Sundays)
- In The Mix (uploaded playlists linked with radio show on Sunday evenings)

Furthermore, W!ZARD Radio Station is currently investing in new partnerships for a major Charts Show boost as well as new talent for it’s “Show:Me” and “Show:Me More” radio shows.

The current line-up for both talent-based shows are:

More news will be available shortly.

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