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Wizard Radio - Review: Keri Hilson - Keep It 100 (feat. Young Thug)


Review: Keri Hilson - Keep It 100 (feat. Young Thug)

Keri Hilson has returned - ready to do what she does best...

Review: Keri Hilson - Keep It 100 (feat. Young Thug)

"Keep It 100"- A sneak peek at what is to come from the long awaited 4th album from Ms. Hilson

Nicolas Tyrell-Scott

W!ZARD News Author

Miss Keri Baby - It’s been a while since anyone has heard those lines from Atlanta singer/songwriter Keri Hilson. She now returns with the aid of Young Thug for her first release in over 4 years.

Does the teaser of the forthcoming fourth album deliver or show us why Ms. Hilson’s solo career has been in limbo?

The urban effort begins with the infamous Keri baby cry over an edited keyboard production, in sync with rapper of the moment; Thugs “woos” in the back. Before long Keri reclaims centre stage and reminds everyone that she is no “basic b***h”. In fact she rubber stamps that she’s “Grade A approved”.

Ousting any naysayers who have questioned the singers absence, she goes on the defensive. “I don’t think you know who you playing with” she continues.

Before long we realise that this displaced confidence is actually towards a man, still it feels like she’s using “him” as a place marker for music lovers who have dubbed her incognito. Keri continues to attack however, interjected by more “woos”, synthesised production and ad-libs from herself.

The chorus soon kicks in as Keri Hilson demands “100” from her lover, which now appears to be an ex. The Pretty Girl Rock singer appears to now be in a new space, one which takes no nonsense.

Young Thug, a buzzing rapper at the moment, gives us one of his typically confusing verses. In between the onomatopoeias we hear him echo Keri’s messages of honesty and keeping it “100”. Thugs sound effects and signature conundrums actually help the hip-hop track gather momentum and shapes Hilson as being convincing in her latest rebrand.

Keri Hilson rounds up the track with Thug yelling expletives and repeating the vow to “Keep it 100” before the end is reached.

Keri has definitely engineered a fun mix with this track, plus her feature hit the mark in the tracks direction and sound. However, Ms. Hilson recreates a sound which is already present. The song fits in with hip hop and its club inspired dominance right now. The track quite frankly sounds like something DJ Mustard or Mike Will Made-It would have produced.

Keri has amazing song writing credentials (Ariana Grande) and is definitely able to create something more innovative. Thankfully this track isn’t on the album and sounds like Keri doing something for fun.

Overall a cool but safe song for the Atlanta songbird.

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