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Wizard Radio - New Radio Show: In The Mix

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New Radio Show: In The Mix

Our new platform. The new connection between influencers and fans.

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

At W!ZARD Radio Station, we’re what’s known as a personality-based radio station. Simply put, that means that we make content which is driven by strong personalities. You tune in to hear the people you love.

And you learn to love new people.

Whether that means our own, home grown presenters such as James Gilmore or Roman Armstrong, or talent who we’ve sourced and given them a platform to get closer to you, their fans – such as Cimorelli or world class DJs Showtek.

Apart from our normal radio shows where you tune in to hear our home grown talent (and, through interviews, get to know your favourite stars – as well as upcoming talent), we currently have three radio shows where we pick other people to take over the station.

Through our radio shows Show:Me and Show:Me More, we give musicians and influencers the platform to regularly interact with their fans, and gain new fans. On The W!ZARD Sessions we give DJs the chance to get intimate for one hour, the ultimate platform to show off their skills.

Now, it’s time to introduce a new platform. Giving influencers the chance to share an intimate moment with their fans through the power of music.

This is: In The Mix.

There is nothing more personal than somebody’s private playlist. It features the soundtrack that makes them who they are. For the first time, private playlists are going public.

Every Sunday from 10pm to 11pm (UK time) a different influencer, musician, actor, etc… will broadcast their private playlist for you, their fans, to listen to. As well as that, they will introduce their favourite songs and explain why certain songs make it onto the playlist.

But, nobody has just one playlist. That’s why everybody who takes over will do so for two weeks in a row – two hours, two playlists, two moments.

Then, their playlist goes public. W!ZARD Radio Station will be hosting their playlist on our website for you to listen to at your leisure. Finally, a space for fans and artists to share the things that make us who we are – our music.

Announcements will take place on our social media.

Don’t miss it.

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