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Wizard Radio - Review: Peace (Reading Festival - NME/Radio 1 Stage)


Review: Peace (Reading Festival - NME/Radio 1 Stage)

Our highlight performance for Friday - Peace

Review: Peace (Reading Festival - NME/Radio 1 Stage)

Peace (Photo: DIY Magazine)

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

We love Peace.

We did expect them to make it as our Friday highlight, and – as always – they fulfilled our expectations.

One of many at this years Reading Festival, Peace packed out that NME/Radio 1 Stage playing the second half of what was a two-part Btown line-up (part one being Peace). Although the start of the performance was slightly odd, with lead singer Harrison performing a solo rendition of The Replacements for a couple of minutes before the band blasted their way into I’m A Girl off of their latest album, Happy People.

It was a set list which featured the best of Peace, including Lovesick and Delicious off of debut album In Love (2013) and Gen Strange, Perfect Skin and Lost On Me – amongst others – off of February 2015’s Happy People.

Reading Festival thoroughly enjoyed their company and Peace didn’t stop going on about how Reading was their favourite festival in the world (the band have been attending or performing for nearly a decade).

In a way only he could, Harrison managed to pull off a multi-layered coat-like outfit which made everybody in the tent feel even hotter than they already were – whilst the rest of his band were in suitable short-sleeve attire.

It truly was the stand out performance of the day, and we would have loved to see them do a longer set (their set only lasted just over 40 minutes) but we enjoyed every moment of what we got.

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