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#NewDayNewNormal Tour

W!ZARD Radio Media partners with the #NewDayNewNormal Tour...

#NewDayNewNormal Tour


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Inspired by the increase in Young Adult books exploring real teen issues, Egmont Publishing, David Fickling Books and Quercus are sending three authors on a joint tour around the UK...

It's called: #NewDayNewNormal.

It's a four-stop tour celebrating the fact that new Young Adult books are able to tackle once difficult themes of sexuality and gender identity, and question societal norms, like never before. Stopping at Waterstones shops in Cardiff, Oxford, Brighton and London, your three authors are:

David Levithan - His debut novel, Boy Meets Boy was one of the first novels for teenagers featuring gay characters to be a commercial success in the US and won the 2003 Lambda Literary Award in the Children/Young Adult category. His bestselling novel Every Day, about a character who switches bodies every day and therefore has no concept of race, gender or sexuality, is published by Electric Monkey, and recently won the UKLA Book Award for fiction in the 12 to 16 age category. The companion novel, Another Day, is publishing 30th July. Together, Every Day and Another Day set out to answer the question: could you love someone if they changed every day?

Lisa Williamson - Her debut novel The Art of Being Normal, published by David Fickling Books, follows the story of a boy grappling with his desire to become a girl. The patient stories Lisa heard whilst working for The Gender Identity Development Service - a specialist NHS service for young people struggling with their gender identity - inspired her to create a fictional teenage character exploring these issues.

Louise O'Neill - She is the Sunday Independent Newcomer of the Year, the Inaugural Bookseller Young Adult prize and the Children’s Books Ireland Eilis Dillon award winning author of Only Ever Yours, a feminist examination of the importance society places on women’s looks. Louise was partially inspired to write Only Ever Yours after struggling with anorexia. She was a member of the Bringing Sexy Back panel at YALC and an adult edition of Only Ever Yours published on 2nd July. Louise’s second book, Asking For It, publishes in September 2015 and is already provoking strong reactions.

Full tour details for the New Day New Normal tour are below, and tickets are available from the individual Waterstones stores.

Monday 17th August, 7:00 pm: David Levithan and Lisa Willamson in conversation at Waterstones Cardiff, 2A The Hayes, Vlogger Sarah Churchill will chair their discussion.

Tuesday 18th August, 6:00 pm: David Levithan and Lisa Willamson in conversation at Waterstones Oxford, Williams Baker House, Chole Combi, journalist and author of Generation Z and W!ZARD Radio Station presenter, will chair their discussion.

Wednesday 19th August, 7:30 pm: David Levithan, Lisa Williamson and Louise O’Neill in conversation at Waterstones Brighton, 71-74 North St, James Gilmore, Founder of W!ZARD Radio Media will chair their discussion.

Thursday 20th August, 7:00 pm: David Levithan, Lisa Willamson and Louise O’Neill in conversation at Waterstones Piccadilly, Corinne Redfern, Features Director, Marie Claire, will chair their discussion.

What makes this even better is that W!ZARD Radio Media is partnered with the tour - so, expect video diaries, broadcasts and more on the way!

Follow the event at: #NewDayNewNormal.

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