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Wizard Radio - Review: Femcee Tink - Winters Diary 3


Review: Femcee Tink - Winters Diary 3

Timbaland's latest protege shows us what she's made of

Review: Femcee Tink - Winters Diary 3

Winters Diary 3 - Available now

Nicolas Tyrell-Scott

W!ZARD News Author

Anyone that knows hip hop knows that Chicago and Atlanta are where it's at right now. While Atlanta continues to manifest it's trap led domination, Chicago breeds an impressive creativity in its new era of musicians, one of which caught the attention of mogul Timbaland, who birthed Aaliyah - one of the most memorable r&b acts of our generation. Now he returns and switches lanes at present prepping Femcee Tink, who is creating a huge buzz within the rap world.

Two months after securing a space on XXL's freshman list, and a couple of months before her debut LP hits stores - Tink whets the appetites of those eagerly waiting with her Mix tape "Winter's Diary 3", which is littered with a signature 90s sound and solidifies Tink as a real threat to the Minaj's and Iggy's who feel oh so secure right now.The diversity Tink possesses is used to full advantage on the mix tape's opener "I Like". Tink's vocal capabilities very much match her rapping ability on the piano led, C-Sick production.

The Chicago rapper clearly establishes the Netflix led bed room chilling that she enjoys with her man. The laid back track fully eases you in to the chilled vibes that the rest of the project oozes. After another laid back number "H20" which tells a similar story to the former, Tink picks up speed on "Very Very". Netflix seems to have intensified to marriage. The lyricist very clearly declares her love for her man and how he differs from the typical other men in the industry "No better feeling than the feeling when he's faithful"

Tink raps over an infectious harp led beat. Of course mentor Timbaland had to make an appearance on his protégé's latest release and this comes in the form of "L.E.A.S.H". Tink seems to get serious here, lessons have to be taught. "I'ma turn this boy into a man, one night only" the femcee warns. Familiar Timbo beats aid the rappers message and together they slow down mid-way through as Tink begins to talk about her being on "grown s***". The track really demonstrates that Tink can really do it all; sing, rap slow, rap fast. She has it all and Timbaland just adds the cherry on top of an already quite sweet tasting cake.

The paradise Tink was rapping about tracks ago comes with issues. "Everyone plays the fool sometimes" Tink continuously sings on the mellowed down number "Route 42 to San Fran". The Chicago rapper begins to reminisce on the wonderland she had back in 2010, she clearly wants what she once had but it appears that her lover had a different agenda. "If you walk away I ain't gonna call" Tink sings to her lover as a pre-emptive almost.

Closing the mix tape Tink reverts to the party life in "After-party" the techno,piano led production Tink lets it all go. "All night I've been waiting for ya" Tink sings, clearly being back at a place of happiness. The track hints at dance numbers present in the 80s - 90s by greats such as The Supremes/Whitney Houston. In her chilled manner Tink welcomes her man to the party and switches between vocals and rapping throughout ensuring listeners get a worthwhile experience.As a whole, the mixtape takes the listener to a different place than the more serious Tink has shown in tracks such as "Ratchet Commandments".

Armed with a multitude of different sides to her, the lyricist proves that she is not one dimensional and can take her artistry to new realms on a regular basis. - The mixtape, although very solid and chilled seems too tame for the Tink which needs to be shown on the debut.While love and happiness are easy focus points for records, it feels that Tink has a lot more to show and offer to the hip hop arena, something which is paramount for a launch release, especially one which has been overseen by a juggernaut in the hip hop world (Timbaland).

One things for sure though, ultimately Tink achieved what was necessary for this release, making the audience hungry for what's to come and this release makes you eagerly anticipate the main course.

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