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Wizard Radio - Review: Jordin Sparks - Right Here, Right Now


Review: Jordin Sparks - Right Here, Right Now

The former american Idol is still going strong

Review: Jordin Sparks - Right Here, Right Now

Right Here, Right Now - Available from August 21st

Nicolas Tyrell-Scott

W!ZARD News Author

Turbulent is the word to use when it comes to the career of former American Idol champ Jordin Sparks and her time, thus far, in the oh-so fickle music business. After putting pen to paper for superstars such as Ariana Grande (The Way) and Jason Derulo (Tattoos), we see Jordin spark into action with the prelude to her upcoming album due next month, dubbed "Right Here, Right Now"

The sensual production begins with foreign cries echoing over xylophone-like taps, initiating a journey to exotic heights. Jordin begins to tempt her lover, demanding anything "Right here" and "Right Now". From the hotel room to the mile high club, the crooner cries for her sexual desires to be fulfilled.

The chorus introduces even more instrumentals and synthesisers for a collision of racy sounds which in collaboration with Jordin's voice - create the perfect on the edge, climactic setting where sparks can barely control herself in a land of temptation.

Jordin moves on to the risks of what she wants and what this escapade could lead to. Sparks dabbles with the realm of possibilities in her lower register "Just might fall into trouble with the law, ain't no telling what they saw" - hinting at the risks of such a public display of affection and the legal tribulations which could follow, all in collaboration helping to embody the mystique and danger that the track is trying to convey.

Ultimately Jordin leaves it all up to the person she desires "we can wait if you want, we can stay if you want" Jordin confesses. However, still defiant, she teases "I can't wait anymore" over the rhythmic and sultry production as it reaches the bridge.

Jordin Sparks creates the right combination of ingredients for what could potentially be a real grower on the charts. Although clearly not tailored for the pop arena, the song is definitely a sensual urban mid-tempo which is perfect for the laid back period of summer, the unwinding July-August period is just the right time to see this track grow a life of its own. Filmed in the desert the video also fits perfectly to a lustful number. All power to the former American Idol winner!

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