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Wizard Radio - Interview: Prides

Interview: Prides

Jack Lockyer-Stevens interviews alt-rock band Prides

Interview: Prides


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: How did you start out?

Prides: Stewart and Lewis met at University a long time ago, we started playing in bands together and we have been playing together ever since. We met Callum through a mutual friend. We were two-piece at the time and we got him involved to enable us to start playing live. Prides really started when the three of us started writing together and music took a bit of a different direction. That was about two and a half years ago.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: It’s good for us that you three met; it’s good for everyone who likes to hear you! How did you guys decide what you wanted your sound to be?

Prides: It was a lot of trial and error I think. We’re all fans of lots of different types of music so I think there are little bits of everything going in there. You just keep on writing songs until you find the one that you like – and then you write more songs like that!

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: Do you have a favourite of yours that you’ve written?

Prides: We’ve all got different ones and they change a few times a day! It can also change based on how the audience reacts to them.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: Do you find it weird hearing yourselves on the record, on the radio, etc…?

Prides: It’s really weird. We listened to ourselves in the car the other day, by choice! It’s weirder when it’s on an advert or on TV, that’s weird because you feel like it sticks out like a sore thumb. Like, you’ll hear it on the radio and you’ll think “Woah that’s the tune we did in Lewis’ kitchen!”

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: What’s your favourite gig or favourite festival that you’ve played so far?

Prides: T In The Park was really good in terms that it was the first time that we’ve been on a Main Stage. In fact, all of the shows that we’ve done this summer have been really up there – Glastonbury was great… it feels like this has been a good summer for us so far.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: What did you think of Kanye headlining Glastonbury?

Prides: There was some debate in the Prides camp about this. Lewis thought it was rubbish, Callum and Steward loved it and thought it was excellent. He had some… funny moments! He’s got some good tunes but he’s a w*nker. Such bravado, such bravado.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: So, you’re not going to be doing any rants at the end of any of your shows?

Prides: Christ no! Positive rants only! Did you watch the video that someone took of us the other night? Stewart went: “I love you guys!”

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: Do you have any other festivals lined up this summer?

Prides: Yeah, we’ve got loads. We’ve got Reading & Leeds, Boardmasters, Belladrum in Scotland, Standon Calling, Ibiza Rocks…

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: So, you’ve not been to Latitude before? Are you sticking around for more of it?

Prides: We’re staying the night here. We’re looking forward to seeing Shura and Jack Garratt (he supported us before he got really famous – he’s such a good guy). Jack’s new track is so good, we nearly cried to it! He’s so talented, we had him on in Glasgow to play with us and it was embarrassing because he is like the three of us put together – he does our three jobs!

We should get him in as a fourth member, he can do our job for us!

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: Is this an exclusive? Can we tell the world that he’s joining?

Prides: Yeah… please Jack – we need you! It can just be us being his backing dancers.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: What’s the future looking like? What is the ultimate aim?

Prides: Space. We were talking about doing a video in space once-upon-a-time, turns out its quite expensive, we need to sell some more records before we go to space. We reckon Redbull would be able to help us out… please make sure you send us up to space to do a video. Don’t let it be Muse!

Now we’ve gotten the album out, it’s just about getting to the next one now. If we can finish out the year and play loads of shows and then get another record produced that would be ideal.

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