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Wizard Radio - Interview: Jack Garratt

Interview: Jack Garratt

Jack Lockyer-Stevens interviews new Island Records signing Jack Garratt

Interview: Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt

James Gilmore

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Jack Lockyer-Stevens: How was your session on the BBC Radio 6 Music?

Jack Garratt: Yeah, it was good. It was a bit difficult though. It’s the same with every festival – no matter where you are you’ll always hear something from far away all coming towards your face in many different expressions or reasons, so it was difficult to stand over there with kick drums but only the reverb and delay – it was fine though and I think the performance went well.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: What can we expect from your other set later tonight?

Jack Garratt: I don’t know really! Just the songs and the stuff! Its fun, I make sure it’s a lot of fun because for some very strange reason more and more people have start to come to the show. It’s amazing and I can’t seem to quite believe it or understand it all, so I try to make sure that no matter what everybody’s having a good time. It should be fun even if I’m terrible.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: What’s the best way to make sure everyone else is having fun? Make sure you look like you’re having fun yourself?

Jack Garratt: Constantly ask them, every single time! “You still having fun?” Otherwise I have no idea and I get scared! No, just to enjoy yourself – that’s what I find, especially with the way I perform on stage, as long as I’m having fun (even if things are going horrifically wrong – although they don’t always, sometimes my shows go well!) then the audience is having fun, or at least the people who are there to have fun are having fun. I try to make sure that if you’re not having fun at my shows it’s either because you don’t like the songs or you suck and you don’t like fun. ‘Cause even if you don’t like my music I try to make sure there’s something in it for everyone.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: When you finish do you get to have some more fun of your own? Or are you heading off somewhere else?

Jack Garratt: I’m going to hang around for a bit I think! We usually pack up and go because it’s so busy at the moment and there’s so much going on. We’re in the middle of all these festivals, so it’s great to come and be at the festivals and see the crowds and meet some of the people and get involved as much as I can, but it is disastrously impossible to do anything. I hear a lot of artists who say that they’re hoping to catch all of these different sets from all of these different people and it’s like, I really love your enthusiasm but we all know that’s not going to happen! There’s so many bands I wish I could have seen this summer and I just haven’t been able to.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: Well I’m on good authority after speaking to Prides that they’re very much looking forwards to seeing you tonight.

Jack Garratt: Fantastic! Those lads are really good fun.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: I saw you at Glastonbury – why did you have two slots? How did you possible wrangle that?

Jack Garratt: Well, because lots of different performers (especially lots of people who are in my position and are artists who are just at the very beginning of starting to try and do something)… the whole point of Glastonbury is that you try and play everywhere! You do as much as you can in the time that you’re there for. We were there for a day so we did two shows! I know some people who were there the whole weekend and did like three shows a day. It’s kind of like SXSW in that way whereby all of the bands who go there will go to play in front of as many people as possible. Glastonbury is huge! You can’t possibly play in front of even a chizzle of the amount of people who are at the festival just by doing one show – but we did two because we were offered both of them.

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: Did you mix them up or were they similar sets?

Jack Garratt: No I change my sets. The first one I did some more relaxing stuff because it was one of the first shows of the day and I was playing at midday, so it was kind of early…

Jack Lockyer-Stevens: You were competing with Lionel Richie in the afternoon and you filled the tent so well done!

Jack Garratt: Yes, I had a lot of fun with that one actually so that was really cool. That was a lot more energetic. But yeah, the crowds were amazing and Glastonbury was so so cool – it was a huge dream of mine to do it and a great milestone to have achieved.

Interview with Jack Garratt

Jack Lockyer-Stevens interviews future-BBC Sound of 2016 winner, Jack Garratt.

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