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Wizard Radio - Review: Alan Davies (Comedy Arena)

Review: Alan Davies (Comedy Arena)

The comedian performs a genius laugh-out-loud set at Latitude Festival

Review: Alan Davies (Comedy Arena)

Alan Davies

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

One thing that Latitude Festival can safely boast about is it's stellar comedy line-up and a solid example of this is Alan Davies.

One of the UK's best established stand-up comedians, Davies' 45 minute set most focused on jokes about the gripes of bringing up children (specifically his 4 year old and 6 year old) - including a particularly funny segment about the time he had to rescue his children from a soft play area only for him to get stuck and the disaster afterwards... let's put it this way, what does it look like when a middle aged man is in a ball pit surrounded by 3 year olds?

Despite the rain slowly creeping into the vicinity, the Comedy Arena (the middle of which is covered by a marquee, the rest is exposed to the elements) was absolutely packed to the brim (going so far that those at the back could only see Davies on the screen, they couldn't even hear him!) and there were fits of laughter all round.

Hats off also to Ellis James who performed before Davies and despite being very much in his shadow still made audiences laugh through the sun and the ever-increasing rain.

Below is a hilarious clip of Alan Davies on Top Gear (remember the days?), make sure you lap up tickets for him when he's next on tour, they're likely to go quickly!

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