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Wizard Radio - Review: Leeds Festival


Review: Leeds Festival

A festival which mixes huge artists with smaller lesser known bands as well as an incredible atmosphere.

Review: Leeds Festival

Leeds Festival


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Leeds Fest 2013 was the weekend when the weather decided it had had enough of being nice and instead thought it would be funny to make teenagers cry. After arriving at Yellow camp (the best place to camp, ignore the haters) behind a man in a monkey suit smoking a pipe it was time to enjoy a weekend full of highs and no lows because it was awesome.

Despite what some of you might think, we are in fact separate people, with distinctly separate lives and so unfortunately did not spend the whole weekend together. What we do know is that Wednesday night was so good and the Yellow Camp DJ was a God on the decks.

Thursday was a day of resting but by 2pm it was back to the stages and the music – something which only ended when the sky thought it would play a sick joke on everyone and rain for two hours. And we’re not just talking rain – we’re talking thunder and lightning, rapture kind of rain. And in an open field in a flimsy tent surrounded by people who you don’t know this was pretty scary. Elise texted someone asking how best to survive being struck by lightning but they didn’t reply so she genuinely started crying whereas Marianne began making friends with the Canadians next door (all PG). By the time this was over Leeds fest had turned into a swamp and rumours quickly circulated that two people had died and someone had given birth as well as the fact that we would all never return home and probably drown.

Of course this is Leeds fest and the show went on so we spent our nights raving in mud till five in the morning at either Piccidilly (the most twisted rave in town) or back at the Yellow Camp DJ Tent. The rest of the weekend was a mixture of bands, rain, strangers and badly maintained portaloos. The thing about Leeds fest is that everyone is so sleep deprived and so into the music that people are very friendly so the atmosphere is insane. Highlights included raving to Eminem, Dido made a surprise appearance and everyone became highly emotional during “I’m Not Afraid” before going psycho at “Lose Yourself” the encore song. HAIM were also a highlight as both of us forced our way to the front and pretty much wept for the entire set. We didn’t think our girl crush on Alana Haim could get any bigger until she stormed into the crowd and almost died because of over emotional teenage fan girls (both of us mainly).

FYI Este Haim called us “Hot Babes” so we’re practically bff’s now.

Marianne’s highlights included Spector and Knife Party whilst Elise cried bitterly in the pouring rain after her Saturday job caused her to miss her favourite band (and spirit animal) Frightened Rabbit. And just to put everyone at ease, Biffy and Green Day violently attacked the main stage and lived up to their headline statuses.

If any of you are looking for a festival which mixes huge artists with smaller lesser known bands as well as an incredible atmosphere, Leeds is the place to go. But be warned – it can get messy.

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