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Wizard Radio - Review: Ant-Man


Review: Ant-Man

Ant Man is the newest ingredient of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

Review: Ant-Man


Chris France

W!ZARD News Author

**This review is entirely spoiler free**

Ant Man is the newest ingredient of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and one that I was able to see an early press release and also attend a conference of. This is what I thought about it.

Paul Rudd, probably better known as Phoebe from Friends’ husband, was absolutely perfect for the role of Scott Lang. He’s not an a-lister actor, but that didn’t stop him from being someone to portray the character fantastically. He’s not an up-and-comer anymore, people know who he is, and this is a big change from what we’re used to seeing him as, which actually works perfectly.

Something that Marvel usually brings to the table is a sprinkle of humor in their films; this movie was certainly no exception. Despite the film having times where it went to a much darker place, the movie might have simply ended up being “just another funny film” without it, that said there were still some absolutely hilarious parts. I was in a theatre with well over a thousand people, and there were multiple times where everyone was laughing.

After Marvel’s last film Age of Ultron, the topics of the following films were rumored to become much more dark and political. As a result, this film could have gone any number of ways. One that I particularly feared was down the route of an ex-cop fighting criminals to save his daughter in the worst way possible, a way that could well have happened if Edgar Wright stayed on to direct as originally planned. Needless to say, I’m very happy that Peyton Reed came on to direct, as he made a fantastic job of the movie.

As a die-hard comic book fan, I noticed that some of the source material was changed. If you’re like me, you know that you shouldn’t mess with the source material as it regularly makes for disappointing films (Iron Man 3). However, I didn’t have a particularly big problem with what they did, as it didn’t actually ruin the film like it often does. Things like Scott Lang’s personality, which was more funny than I expected from reading the comics, and Hank Pym appeared to be much more sane. However, these unanswered questions opened up the future of the potential Ant Man series.

Although his character differed in ways from the comics, Michael Douglas absolutely smashed it in his role of Pym. He managed to show the intelligence of the character as well as also hinting at his more complex side. As much as they should’ve explored this side more, this does leave gaps for future films, which will then answer the many questions that we’re having.

Something that was really impressive was that it managed to tell the current story and also explain the origins of Ant Man without needing a whole separate film. It didn’t confuse people by them wondering “Why can he change size?” for the whole film as it was explained so we could just sit back and enjoy it, it blended explaining and entertaining perfectly.

Although the movie ventured into some dark territories at times, it evened out with laugh out loud humour the best of which was carried with the comedic relief of Michael Peña. Although over the top at times, I learnt at the press conference that this was actually because he based his character on a real person from Chicago, making me see him as more of a guy with a troubled life yet still incredibly happy and positive.

You can tell from the beginning of this film that it’s something different from what we’ve already seen in the Marvel universe. It’s the origin story of a man with a criminal past trying to make his life better for the sake of his young daughter. There are no superpowers here, just one man, a lot of training, a scientifically advanced suit and a strong will. There’s no gods, no super serum, no radioactive accidents, no billionaire status. As much as they’re great and super entertaining to watch, sometimes it’s just nice to have a more normal backstory that’s slightly more relatable – slightly.

Ant Man is possibly the most relatable hero to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, which is a big part of why this film is so compelling. You can feel yourself in his shoes and you get why he’s doing what he’s doing, because at the end of the day all he wants to do is see his daughter and make sure that she’s safe. He’s just trying to live a normal life.

Overall, I think Ant Man is a fantastic entry in the Marvel film roster. Marvel are on a roll right now making great movie after great movie, I hope this trend continues and that other upcoming Marvel films can be as good as Ant Man has been is.

Overall, I’d give it a 4/5.

Marvel's Ant-Man is in cinemas nationwide from 17th July.

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