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Wizard Radio - Interview with Ross Lynch


Interview with Ross Lynch

All round amazing person Ross Lynch gives us a moment of his time.

Interview with Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch and the cast of Teen Beach 2

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Every now and again, you see somebody on TV and you think OMG HOW IS S/HE POSSIBLE? For us, that is Ross Lynch.

He can sing, he can dance and he can act. And he can be uber cool. All at the same time? Have you watched Disney Channel's Austin & Alley?

He's starring in the brand new Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach 2 this Summer so we caught up with him through the power of the inter-web to see what's hanging with him (and to see if any of his awesomeness would shed on us... turns out we didn't have a hope!)

Q: What can viewers expect from Teen Beach 2?

Ross Lynch: What I really liked about Teen Beach Movie was how our characters went back in time, and how we got to do all the 1960s stuff, the music and the outfits. What I think's going to make Teen Beach 2 better is the fact that the music is a little bit more contemporary, so it's more relatable. Also, I feel the story is a little bit more emotive and heart-wrenching. You feel more attached to the characters now, so now anything they do or decide; there's more gravity to it.

Q: It looked like fun filming Teen Beach 2; can you tell us about the funniest moment on set?

Ross Lynch: There's this one bit in the film where...I don't want to give too much away but, where one of the characters realises that they're sort of stuck in reality. It was just really funny to film but they do this, kind of like, mild freak out and everybody on set was always laughing about it because it was just so funny to watch.

Q: Is Brady going to be different in this year's movie? And if so, how is he going to be different?

Ross Lynch: Yes! Well, in the first movie we saw Brady as the teenage guy who was just going with the flow and was very happy to be like that, he was just an everyday nice guy. In this movie we see a little more of an emotional arch with him, which is really fun for me as an actor to play. He feels like he's not good enough and it's really interesting to watch the story unfold. I like that.

Q: What was your biggest blooper on set?

Ross Lynch: So, there was a bike scene with rain, where I was riding a bike and it was supposed to be very wet on the ground. And I was going to skid into my hut, but I skid a little too hard and the bike flew out from underneath me and I banged my legs a little bit. So that would have to be one of my biggest bloopers, thankfully it didn't hurt that bad, but it was funny. All the crew rushed over to check I was ok. It was funny.

Q: How would you define the Teen Beach 2 in one word?

Ross Lynch: I would say 'musical', there's a lot of music in it!

Q: What's your favourite scene in the movie and your favourite musical moment or song?

Ross Lynch: My favourite musical moment is the song called “Silver Screen”, just because of the way that we filmed it, it's very interesting. I don't want to give too much away but it involves a lot of set changes and different scenarios within the movie. So, there's one point in the movie where we’re cowboys, and there's another point where we’re pirates. My favourite scene from the movie is the scene where...I don't want to give too much away again but, we basically go to prom and there's a part in the movie where everyone else disappears except for the main cast. I think that was the coolest stylistic choice right there. Basically all the background goes away and the music stops, and then it's just the Wet Side Story cast and Mack and Brady.

Teen Beach 2 premieres on Friday 17th July at 5.30pm only on Disney Channel.

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