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Wizard Radio - Review: Shadow Sovereigns - Susan George


Review: Shadow Sovereigns - Susan George

Susan George's compelling new book surrounding the dark side of corporate politics.

Review: Shadow Sovereigns - Susan George

Shadow Sovereigns by Susan George deals with issues of corporatocracy...

James Moir

W!ZARD News Author

The blurb of this shocking title perfectly describes the hugely fascinating subject of ‘corporatocracy’.

“Lobbying has long been part of the political landscape. But in recent years links between big business and government have become stronger and more far-reaching than ever. Global corporations now demand control over decisions affecting labour laws, finance, public health, food and agriculture, safety regulations, taxes and international trade and investment… in this incisive and clear-sighted book Susan George provides us with the practical knowledge to do just that.”

Corporatocracy is the threatening concept that our government is controlled by powerful monopoly corporations rather than the people we elect through democracy. It may sound like a concept developed by conspiracy theorists, but this book accurately delivers the evidence to support the genuine political stealth of corporations as they seize power from the government all for financial interest.

As Susan George emphasises, corporations have no desire to directly control politics or be seen in the public eye, which is probably why this subject is so overlooked or unheard of, yet curiously a subject of a play at politics that many monopolies have been practising for decades.

George delves into the reality of Western business and illustrates the limitless capabilities of mega-corporations in relation to our vulnerable democratic governments. She highlights the threats our human rights face – all for the financial interests of monopolies and their manipulative lobbyists.

Shadow Sovereigns is one of the most powerful books talking about a subject so covered from public eye. If you have any concern for environment, minimum wage, GMOs, public services or even the sanctity of democracy - you may be interested to read of the unpunished crimes committed by cults of CEOs, all for the continuation of minimal expenditure and maximum profit.

Perhaps one of the most shocking things about this title is it’s revelation as to the deceptive ways in which companies lie to government and public and discover loopholes to avoid paying owed tax that is literally unrecorded and beyond measure. This is made more shocking when the book reveal the names of some of the companies that commit such crimes, such as Nestlé.

Shadow Sovereigns is a truly revealing book that unveils the true and only intentions of almost all the powerful corporations in our globalising world. It demonstrates through entertaining sarcasm and humour that the serious safety of even the food we import is compromised by pressuring corporations, so they can secure trade deals appropriate to their own financial benefits.

A motivational read that will determine you to retaliate against the false claims of our supposedly reliable supermarkets and corporations, of which we trust to look after our well-being – a trust that falls in vain of corporate interests.

This read is a short non-fiction masterpiece born to expose the crimes of legal companies and is well worth the read.

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