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Wizard Radio - W!ZARD Giving: Supporting Teenage Cancer Trust

W!ZARD Giving: Supporting Teenage Cancer Trust

More about our fundraising partner...

W!ZARD Giving: Supporting Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust at Royal Albert Hall 2015

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

W!ZARD Giving is the new name for W!ZARD Radio Media's charity arm.

At W!ZARD Giving we work with some of the best charities in their arena to spread the message about why you should care about what they're campaigning about. At any one time we have one awareness partner and one fundraising partner.

Right now, our awareness partner is Stonewall and our fundraising partner is Teenage Cancer Trust.

Let's talk about Teenage Cancer Trust.

7 young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. Teenage Cancer Trust are the only charity dedicated to providing specialist care and support when they need it most.

Their impact is huge, here's just a few of the thing's they've achieve over the past 25 years...

Built 28 specialist units across the UK providing a home away from home for young people when they receive treatment.
Funded 48 nurses and youth support co-ordinators to help young people feel less isolated.
Reached over 118,000 young people by travelling the country educating young people about cancer.
Helped over 360 young people and 340 families to meet others who understand their situation.
Donated over 185 wigs to ensure that every young person with cancer has the option to choose a real hair wig for free.

Watch Luke's story to find out just one reason why Teenage Cancer Trust is so important.

For more information about Teenage Cancer Trust, visit:

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