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Wizard Radio - Review: Second Coming


Review: Second Coming

Gritty, hard hitting and surprisingly relateable.

Review: Second Coming

Second Coming

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Second Coming is a look at the life and struggles of a family living in London who are experiencing the strange phenomena of child birth… but they haven’t had sex for ages?

Difficult questions arise between Jax (Nadine Marshall) and Mark (Idris Elba) when they are torn apart by this virgin-birth reality and, if that doesn’t seem to be a big enough problem, they are having issues relating with JJ (Kai Francis Lewis), their teen son.

It’s gritty, real and hard hitting – although it does feel a little bit out of place on the silver screen. There is something about the texture and feel of the film which suits the likes of Eastenders mixed with Waterloo Road. Regardless, these challenging roles are performed with passion and power, a big feat considering how real some of the issues raised in the film are.

Whilst one may think that, as a teenager, the film may seem quite distant – nothing could be further from the truth. Director Debbie Tucker Green does an outstanding job at bringing out the best in her talent and ensuring that they deliver their full potential.

With such a difficult storyline, the ending is equally challenging and seems to be the easy way out. Saying that, nothing else in the film seems to be easy whatsoever.

If this release only proves one thing, it’s that Idris Elba lives up to the big name that he’s been given in recent years. If anything else, it’s a great case study for Drama students as to how real acting is done.

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