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Wizard Radio - Review: Friday Download's Up All Night


Review: Friday Download's Up All Night

James Gilmore goes on a hunt with the Friday Download gang

Review: Friday Download's Up All Night

Up All Night, Friday Download

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

‘Up All Night’ is the first ever spin-off film to the hit CBBC entertainment show ’Friday Download’ and it’s a treat.

In the film we follow hosts Bobby Lockwood, Richard Wisker, Dionne Bromfield, Shannon Flynn and George Sear as they try to have the ‘best summer ever’, but evil is in the way to make that impossible. The talented team have to work together to find a way to save the mansion that has been so kind to them whilst not falling into the evil traps set up by those standing right in front of them…

Feeling like a Halloween-esque horror film mixed with High School Musical (without the songs), the film is great entertainment and makes us feel sorry for the team who are now the ‘oldies’ and have left Friday Download to make way for a host of new presenters.

The film also stars Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Tyger Drew-Honey and Ethan Lawrence who stay true to character whilst giving off a bit of charm. There are also performances from Friday Download’s Dionne, The Vamps, Bars & Melody and Harvey as well… to much excitement to keep contained!

It’s not going to win an Oscar any time soon, but Up All Night has just enough sweetness and pop to get you through a Friday night.

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