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Wizard Radio - Playlist: TOM.'s EDM choices for this week


Playlist: TOM.'s EDM choices for this week

TOM. takes you through his weekly playlist of what's he's been loving in the electro world.

Playlist: TOM.'s EDM choices for this week



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W!ZARD Radio Station's Face of EDM, TOM. compiles his weekly playlist of 5 electronic music tracks you need to listen to. This week (in no particular order), including Kygo, Elephante and more.

1. Just A Gent & Jack Howes - Limelight Breaks Again (feat. Jade Leigh and Rozes) (Dan Fade Bootleg)
I stumbled upon this track completely randomly, and I am so glad I did. Dan Fade has only about 100 followers on Soundcloud and, at the time I found this track, it only had about 100 listens. I must have given it about another 100 this week as the melodic elements are absolutely on point and the mix is pretty tight as well.

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2. Kygo – Epsilon
Everybody knows and loves Kygo for bringing tropical house to the forefront of EDM, but not as many people are aware of just how versatile of a producer he is. Just one listen to “Epsilon” and you may come away with a completely different impression of Kygo. The powerful lead and compelling harmonic movement make this a must-listen progressive house track.

3. Lincoln Jesser x Elephante - A Trillion Somethings Right
Another artist that has blown up over the past year primarily as a result of some really popular remixes is Elephante. Like Kygo, many people overlook Elephante’s original work. Although most of his publicity comes from official remixes for the likes of Katy Perry, Lorde and Clean Bandit, he has also released some extremely high quality original productions.

4. TOM. - To The Top (Lobo Nation) (feat. Big Quis)
After not releasing music for nearly 6 months, I just put out two new tracks last week. I was spending a ton of time playing live shows and experimenting with a new sound and didn’t want to rush any releases. I’m really exciting I finally get to put these out and see what people think!

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5. TOM. - Party Til The Sunrise (feat. Bayse)
This is the other track I just released. Both of these tracks are hiphop-EDM hybrids and I think are fairly unique in that not too many hybrids feature progressive/electro house as the instrumental. It is extremely common to see hip hop over trap or glitch hop but house music is a fairly new frontier for this brand of collaboration.

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What are your favourite EDM tracks from this past week? Tweet us @wizradio to let us know.

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