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Wizard Radio - Rock In Rio 2015: Interview: Theophilus London


Rock In Rio 2015: Interview: Theophilus London

Caleb Hyles interviews Theophilus London following his performance on the Evolution Stage

Rock In Rio 2015: Interview: Theophilus London

Theophilus London

Caleb Hyles

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Theophilus London is an American rapper and singer from Brooklyn, New York City. His debut EP "Lovers Holiday" featured the likes of TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, Sara Quin from Tegan and Sara, Glasser, and Solange Knowles. He also featured on Kanye West's popular track, "All Day".

Caleb Hyles interviewed Theophilus following his performance on the Evolution Stage at Rock In Rio USA.

Caleb Hyles: You’re from Brooklyn, New York and now you’re down here in Vegas. How excited are you to be here?

Theophilus London: I’m really excited. I just got here actually and as soon as I landed I got right on the stage. It was fun, it was fun. People had to warm up to me. In my usual set-up I usually have all these lights and stuff so it was a really good adjustment. I wish I had another chance out there but I had a good time.

Caleb Hyles: So it was more like a guerrilla set-up for you, you had to throw everything up there and make it work for you?

Theophilus London: Exactly.

Caleb Hyles: So you were kind of flying by the seat of your pants for this show! When did you find out that you’d be performing for Rock In Rio USA?

Theophilus London: Only about two days ago!

Caleb Hyles: That’s really crazy. You had a two-part album called ‘Lovers Holiday’. What’s the story behind it?

Theophilus London: Lovers Holiday is like… you go on a romantic getaway with my voice.

Caleb Hyles: So each track tells a different story about your romantic voice?

Theophilus London: You know, I’m a skilled poet I can sing over any genre or any area or any mood.

Caleb Hyles: That’s a question I was going to ask you! I’m very new to your music and I was listening to it last night – it’s a very eclectic mix. If you were to put a label on it (which is a very scary word) what would you put on your music?

Theophilus London: Romantic… Future Fantasy… Modern… Real.

Caleb Hyles: I like it, I like it a lot. So, what is your greatest inspiration for your music?

Theophilus London: One of them is Michael Jackson.

Caleb Hyles: Do you ever plan on Theophilus London visiting London if you haven’t already?

Theophilus London: I’ve been to London so many times! I just did the BRIT Awards because I was in a new song with Kanye called, “All Day” and he invited me out to play out there with him.

Caleb Hyles: What was it like working with him?

Theophilus London: It was tight. It was everything you would expect and a million times more. I was definitely prepared for it. He’s just a great guy. I ran into him again at Coachella, we hung out, caught some shows. It was cool.

Caleb Hyles: What is next for Theophilus London since you’ve just performed at Rock In Rio USA?

Theophilus London: A Europe Press tour from Monday.

Caleb Hyles: Thank you for your time.

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