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Wizard Radio - Rock In Rio 2015: Review: Rise Against


Rock In Rio 2015: Review: Rise Against

Caleb Hyles reports on Rise Against's performance at Rock In Rio USA

Rock In Rio 2015: Review: Rise Against

Rise Against at Rock In Rio USA

Caleb Hyles

W!ZARD News Author

Rise Against has never been one to stick to the script. Screw the authorities, screw the rules, it’s all about the music.

As a member of the press, we receive a band’s setlist prior to their performance. Posted on the wall around mid-afternoon was Rise Against’s suspiciously short song list. Sure, it had the classics and some new tunes, but with only nine tracks appearing on the setlist, and each song going no longer than four minutes, this would be the quickest set of the weekend.

But, like I said, this band has never played by the rules.

As one unit, Rise Against exploded on to the stage like a stick of dynamite with their hit single, Ready to Fall, off of their fourth studio album, “The Sufferer & The Witness”. Judging from the reaction of the crowd, this place was in desperate need of some punk rock goodness. Lead singer, Tim Mcllrath, ditched the guitar for the second song of the set, Give It All, and opted to sing solo for this one. Rise Against has been known to be highly interactive with their crowds, and this show was no different. About mid way through the second chorus, Mr. Mcllrath left his mic stand, and started to make his way down the front of the stage. Down the stairs he comes, moving at a brisk pace, cameramen in tow. In a Rock In Rio USA first, the Rise Against lead singer entered the photo pit, surrounded by bodyguards and press, and jumped head first into a crowd of screaming fans. It was an unbelievable sight to behold, and the highlight of the set.

They rounded out the night with hits from their entire discography including Help Is on the Way, Make It Stop, I Don’t Wanna Be Here Anymore, Savior, and, of course, Prayer of the Refugee. Twelve songs in total with plenty of band banter to fill up the time. It was an undeniably electric set that proved once and for all that Rise Against cannot and will not be stopped, even when “the man” is trying to hold you back.

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