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Wizard Radio - Rock In Rio 2015: Review: Hollywood Undead


Rock In Rio 2015: Review: Hollywood Undead

Caleb Hyles rises from Hollywood Undead

Rock In Rio 2015: Review: Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead at Rock In Rio USA

Caleb Hyles and Kara Howell

W!ZARD News Author

If you listen to two or three tracks from Hollywood Undead, you already know what kind of show you are about to experience when you walk onto the grounds of Rock in Rio USA.

Filled with vulgarity in nearly every song and commentary in between, Hollywood Undead’s live performance was nothing short of a rip-roaring, over the top, hella’ good time. Playing some of their more artistic pieces such as War Child and Young mixed with party-favs like Comin’ In Hot and Everywhere I Go, the band covered a good chunk of their personality.

Charlie Scene (looking like he might be in the next Kevin Smith movie) and Danny both delivered a on spot performance reaching some of the highest notes in their range and nailing them. Though, clearly, the crowd was made up of more metal heads waiting around for the next seven hours for Metallica, Hollywood Undead brought out everyone’s inner rock/hip-hop/party-side.

If a band can get people pumped up and hyped about a single band member’s (ahem) “member” in a song, they definitely know how to work the crowd. Major Props HU. So, hats off to Hollywood Undead kicking off the Saturday night with a pretty big bang at the inaugural Rock in Rio USA.


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