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Wizard Radio - Rock In Rio 2015: Review: No Doubt


Rock In Rio 2015: Review: No Doubt

Caleb Hyles gives you all the goss from No Doubt as they close Day 1 of Rock In Rio USA

Rock In Rio 2015: Review: No Doubt

No Doubt at Rock In Rio USA

Caleb Hyles

W!ZARD News Author

Capping off the first day of Rock In Rio USA was the legendary rock and roll act simply known as No Doubt.

As the midnight struck, the lights turned down once more as the crowd roared its final roar, anxiously waiting for the notorious band to take the stage for only the eighth time in two years. A lone spotlight hits the stage. Drummer, Adrian Young storms his drum set and stands on throne, raising his first to the sky. The audience can barely contain its excitement. He begins to lay down a sick beat. It’s instantly recognizable. One by one, each member takes the stage adding their respective musical layer to the beat. After the bass, guitar, and synth had been added to the mix, there was only one member left who had yet to enter. An anticipatory hush falls over the crowd. They know whose about to come out. The one they’ve all been waiting for. All of a sudden, an explosion of screams, cries, and laughter erupts from the audience. Lead singer, Gwen Stefani, has entered the building. Hella Good begins in true form.

Utilizing the entire space, Gwen and company run about the stage making sure everyone, from the front to the back, is involved in the show. They transition into It’s My Life, and a realization comes over the crowd. This will be a night filled with nothing but non-stop hits from a band that has amassed countless awards and accolades over an almost three decades span. Underneath It All lulls the crowd gently into No Doubt’s signature reggae vibes that blend almost unreasonably well with their hip-hop, rock style.

Stefani knows that No Doubt has been sadly absent from the touring scene over the past two years. She says to us, “I want to get to know each and every one of you tonight! I want to connect with you.” She re-iterates this several times through the first part of the set. It’s clear that No Doubt has missed its fans, and wants them to know that they are not going anywhere. A young woman stands pressed against the gate with a sign reading, “I’ve waited twenty years for a hug from No Doubt!”

After No Doubt plays through their most recent hit, Settle Down, Stefani notices the lass. “I’ve waited twenty years for a hug from No Doubt?” Gwen inquires. “Get. The f**k. Up here. Right. Now!” The young woman is hoisted over the railing and escorted on stage where Gwen and company take a quick selfie with the woman, and give her the long awaited hug that she had patiently waited for, for two decades.

Mid set, No Doubt decided to round out the night not with a bang, but a beautiful acoustic set that included tracks like Excuse Me Mr., Just A Girl, and Sunday Morning. As an encore, however, No Doubt laid it all to bare with fan favorites Push & Shove, Guns of Navarone, and mega, radio hit, Spiderwebs.

If there was any doubt that this eclectic, legendary rock band had lost its mojo over the past two years, there was none to be found at the end of the first night of Rock In Rio USA 2015.

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