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Interview with Symmetry

James Gilmore interviews the busiest new pop/rock band in the UK

Interview with Symmetry


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Symmetry are the hottest new progressive pop/rock band to hit the UK. The band consists of Michael Campbell (vocals), Jared Hara (guitar), Will Weiner (bass) and Max D'Anda (drums). These four accomplished and determined musicians fatefully met each other in California and aim to inspire hope through their powerful music.

Having travelled here from Los Angeles in mid-February to support Room 94, they were quickly snapped up to support McBusted on their giant M.E.A.T Arena Tour before being whirled onto their very own headline tour and in a few weeks they'll be off supporting James Arthur on tour as well!

James Gilmore had the opportunity to speak to the band for the SECOND TIME (first time was before they toured with Room 94) about what the crazy adventure has been like so far...

James Gilmore: It is my pleasure to be joined by Mike from Symmetry! How are you?

Mike Campbell: I’m doing well!

James Gilmore: We spoke not too long ago, just before you started supporting Room 94. It’s been a whirlwind of a journey for you guys since then….

Mike Campbell: I’d agree with that, yes! That’s a good way to describe it actually, we’ve just been non-stop touring. We’ve been here since mid-February and it’s been non-stop, we’re still going right now.

James Gilmore: When I first spoke to you, you’d just announced that you were going to support McBusted on their giant arena tour. What was that like?

Mike Campbell: Oh my gosh! We keep saying this, but it’s the absolute truth: It was a dream come true. We’re playing some of the biggest venues in the country. I had to adjust my performance because I’ve never performed to that many people – rooms filled with thousands of people. You really need to project yourself to the back of the room. It was quite a learning curve but, all in all, it was the experience of a lifetime and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

James Gilmore: You guys got a great reaction from that tour – a big enough reaction that you’ve now had to head on your own headline tour! What does that feel like?

Mike Campbell: It’s pretty awesome! It was an eye opener for us to chart our progress. We had the headlining dates immediately following – there were 3 days off after McBusted before we started our headline tour. To see a bunch of kids at our shows it was just the proof and very validating for us. It sucks to say that today will be the last day of our tour but then we have a couple of weeks off here and then we’re touring with James Arthur.

James Gilmore: What has this headline tour been like for you? When you support another band nobody there knows your music, but when you’re doing your own music everybody goes there, they know who you are and they know some of your songs. What has the difference been on a performance level?

Mike Campbell: It’s just incredible man. Having people sing all the words to all your songs back to you is an incredible feeling. I guess you’re right, that is the difference.

James Gilmore: Last time we spoke you were plugging this single “The Cure” which is out now; it’s been out for the past couple of weeks…

Mike Campbell: We’ve had the music video out for a while now but we’ve actually decided to hold off the official single release – I can’t say why exactly but there is an opportunity that has arose that we’re working on closing which meant that we had to pull it. But, big things are on the horizon…

James Gilmore: It sounds very exciting. A single you have brought out though is “Hey”, which is out now. Tell us a little bit more about how that track came about.

Mike Campbell: We actually wrote “Hey” very close to the time that we wrote “The Cure”. They came in a package deal for us. We started off being a progressive band and, at that point, we had showcased our talents to each other and played the musician side of things and we decided to really hone in on our song writing and what makes good song lyrics, melodies. The four of us were sat in a circle with pen and paper, jotting down ideas and the key of the song, etc… As I said, we hammered out “The Cure” and then “Hey” came about very closely after. We ended up working with the same producer we worked with on our first record (“Frozen In Time”), James Paul Wisner, and he’s worked with many of our favourite bands growing up that influenced the band like Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory just to name the few. He glued all of our ideas together and that’s what you got!

James Gilmore: The track in itself is quite pop punk – so what is the reaction to it when you perform it onstage?

Mike Campbell: It’s very high energy and it’s pretty much impossible not to be smiling while we’re performing this song!

James Gilmore: And now, moving on to something you did mention earlier which is the James Arthur tour. You’re his main support slot. What are your feelings ahead of this?

Mike Campbell: It’s awesome! I’ve been jamming out to his songs in my room. It’s so cool – I really enjoy all of his music. It’s a whole new fan base too, that’s the thing. I think there are some people who may cross over from McBusted to James Arthur but, exposure wise, it will be a new group of people we’ll be in front of which I really look forward to.

James Gilmore: With that in mind, how do you think you’re going to adapt your performance because James Arthur’s music is slightly different to McBusted and Room 94’s?

Mike Campbell: Definitely, definitely. We might change the set-up a little bit and the set list a little bit to tailor it a little bit more to his style but, overall, we’re just going to be ourselves: loud, crazy energy and try to get that infectious chemistry going.

James Gilmore: You guys are from Los Angeles and you’ve been spending the past few months here in London. When you first came to London, how long were you expecting to be here for?

Mike Campbell: Right when we first came here, we had our tour with Room 94 and then McBusted had just got confirmed maybe a week before we got out here. It had been talked about for months before but it was actually confirmed right before we got it. In the mists of things, that’s when we decided to book our headline tour and before we knew it we had James Arthur booked.

James Gilmore: Are you looking at buying a house, buying a flat here?

Mike Campbell: We’ve absolutely talked about it! We might have a headquarters here but I think Los Angeles will always be our home. We probably should, shouldn’t we!

James Gilmore: From looking at your Twitter and your Facebook, you definitely seem to have fitted in to the London lifestyle pretty well but your accent is something that will never fit in to being a Brit!

Mike Campbell: Well we love the accents here!

James Gilmore: My final question for you then: Since you’ve been here, you have not stopped on the road. What has been the best thing and then what has been the worst thing about being on the road?

Mike Campbell: The best thing about being on the road is being able to see the country which is awesome. We basically wake up and are in a new place every day. We get to meet all of the people and all of the different style of accents (which we can’t tell the difference between!). The bad side? Sometimes, depending on how far the travelling is, it can be hard to have a good night sleep and get my body energised for that next day when we have a big show. Overall, pacing myself can be difficult.

James Gilmore: Fantastic! Thank you so much for chatting.

Mike Campbell: No problem man, thank you so much.

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