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Wizard Radio - UpStArt Art Competition: Kev F (Online Exclusive)

UpStArt Art Competition: Kev F (Online Exclusive)

Kev F tells us about his creative talent and involvment in the arts.

UpStArt Art Competition: Kev F (Online Exclusive)

Kev F Sutherland Christmas card design 2014


W!ZARD News Author

W!ZARD Radio Media is excited to officially announce its work with the UpStArt Student Art Competition in 2014.

Kev F Sutherland is a comedian, writer, producer and comic artist whose comic strips appear in The BeanoDoctor Who AdventuresMatch and many more. He works closely with award-winning comedy act The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre, his Comic Art Masterclass visits schools nationally and internationally, he is possibly the World's Fastest Caricaturist (available for parties and events), and his show The Sitcom Trials continues on stage and online.

He is also a judge for the UpStArt competition. What is the competition I hear you say? Good on you for asking buddy! UpStArt is a new fine art competition running in 2014 for sixth form artists (as in Upper 6th and Year 13s) and it's designed to find 'the next big thing'. How awesome does that sound? The best bit is that... it's free (who said you can't get something for nothing nowadays?), takes 2 minutes to upload an entry (we timed that one ourselves!) and there's no theme so you can upload existing artwork!


We sent DJ James Gilmore over to meet Kevin F and interview him about his artist talent and involvment in the arts.


James Gilmore speaks to Kevin F

James speaks to Kevin F about the comic book industry, drawing and writing for the Beano and the increasing popularity of manga. Kevin learnt to draw cartoons from copying the comics that he was reading. After perfecting his technique he began to develop his own style. As a judge of this years UpStart competition, he is looking for practiced skills, someone who has developed throughout the process and originality.

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