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Electric Voices: Interview with Karen McManus

11th August 2017 | Electric Voices

Electric Voices: Interview with Karen McManus

As an author, one of the most difficult things is to write a good (emphasis: good) book set in the modern day which still feels like it could be relevant in 20 years’ time.

After all, technology changes and – most of the time – too many references to Instagram can make a book seem like it is pandering to a YA audience.

Karen McManus has nailed it with her first book (‘One of Us Is Lying’) and is proving that she has the skills to become a long-lasting name in YA fiction.

Our second Electric Voices author (for more information on what that means, click here), Karen McManus is behind ‘One of Us Is Lying’ a murder-mystery set in a school detention.

Five strangers walk into detention, and only four walk out alive.

James Gilmore interviewed Karen McManus about the book and kicks off our year following the journey to her next book...

James Gilmore interviews Karen McManus

James Gilmore interviews our second Electric Voices author Karen McManus about her debut YA book 'One Of Us Is Lying' to kick off our year following the journey to her next book... (7 minutes)

Interview with Moira Fowley-Doyle

9th August 2017 | Books

Interview with Moira Fowley-Doyle

Moïra Fowley-Doyle is the author of critically acclaimed ‘The Accident Season’ and ‘The Spellbook of the Lost and Found’.

Lekhika Chaudhary interviewed her at YALC about her new music, and here’s what went down.

Lekhika: Before we get into any questions on advice, could you give us a run through on what your latest book is about?

Moira: Spellbook of the Lost and Found is magic realism, so it’s set in West of Ireland. It follows 3 narrators, who after a party, see that they have mysteriously lost something. They have all lost different things and then separately they find a Spellbook. They decide to cast a spell from inside of it to find what they have lost and get it back. They end up finding more than they bargained for and realising not all losses can be bad.

L: Okay! So you started writing at a really young age which is amazing! So, what advice would you give budding young authors who started writing, but are finding it a bit tricky?

M: Keep writing! And keep reading. Personally, what helped me was keeping diaries, not only does it have you keeping pen to paper, but also it kind of makes you realise the narrative strands in your life that you can apply to your stories. I wrote a lot of short stories and small novels, and a lot of poetry as well. You do not have to finish a whole book immediately. You can write short stories, you can write snippets and poems.

L: It will start to flow. And, what inspired you to get into writing? How did you think that writing was for you?

M: I don’t know! I think I have always written and I…

Interview with Emily Barr

9th August 2017 | Books

Interview with Emily Barr

During YALC, Lekhika Chaudhary was given the pleasure of interviewing amazing authors. It allowed her to understand their point of view, the creative process they go through and to gain some advice for any budding young writers.

The first author she talked to was Emily Barr. Emily Barr is the author of over 10 books. ‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ is her debut young adult novel.

Lekhika: Thank you for agreeing to talk to me! So, your debut young adult novel is The One Memory of Flora Banks. Could you just give us a quick summary on it?

Emily: Yes of course, it is the story of a girl called Flora Banks, as you would imagine from the title! She can’t make short term memories, so she can remember things up till she was 10. One day, on a beach she kisses a boy. And she remembers it the next day and the day after that! That is her one memory; he, however, has went off to the Artic. She suddenly realises she could go to the Arctic and find him, as she hopes that he will be the fix to her memory.

L: That sounds so amazing! Now, a lot of youngsters nowadays are going into writing; what advice would you give them?

E: Just keep writing. I’ve written a lot of books, 12 before Flora Banks. Even having written 14 books, there are still days when I feel like I can’t do it and everybody feels that. Write whatever is calling to you and just keep doing it. The more you do it, the more you know you can do it.

L: So, I had a look at the teaser for your next book, The Truth and…