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Electric Voices: Interview with Emily Barr

15th June 2017 | Electric Voices

Electric Voices: Interview with Emily Barr

We love Emily Barr.

OK, we can’t just write that – but it’s very true.

Emily Barr is truly expanding the remit of what it means to be a YA author – after all, that’s why we selected her as one of our Electric Voices authors (for more information on what that means, click here).

Although the author of thirteen adult books, including ‘Backpack’ an adult thriller which won the WH Smith New Talent Award, ‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ is her first YA novel – and it’s unlike anything we have read before (in a good way… a very very good way).

The One Memory of Flora Banks’ follows Flora, a teenage girl who lives with anterograde amnesia and has to re-remember her life several times each day. The book is set against the backdrop of an obsessive first love, with a setting that moves between Cornwall and the midnight sun of the Arctic summer.

James Gilmore interviewed Emily Barr about the book and kicks off our year of following the journey to her next book...

James Gilmore interviews Emily Barr

James Gilmore interviews Emily Barr about her debut YA book 'The One Memory of Flora Banks' to kick off Electric Voices as we follow Emily in the next year following the journey to her next book... (13 minutes)

Introducing: Electric Voices

15th June 2017 | Electric Voices

Introducing: Electric Voices

W!ZARD Radio Media is proud to launch Electric Voices, our new initiative to promote exciting YA authors.

Electric Voices will be following the journey’s of three YA authors over the course of 12 months who will be working with W!ZARD Radio Media across the year to track their journey, through writing, promotion and all of the highs and lows of being a YA author.

The initiative will be launching with Penguin Random House UK and three of their authors: Emily Barr (‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’), Julie Israel (‘Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index’) and Karen M. McManus (‘One Of Us Is Lying’).

Through-out the upcoming year, W!ZARD Radio Station will be collaborating with all three authors on interviews, thought-pieces, music-related projects and more – bringing young readers closer than ever to YA talent.

Click here to hear our first piece of content as part of Electric Voices - an interview with Emily Barr.

Interview with Olivia Sudjic

4th June 2017 | Books

Interview with Olivia Sudjic

There is no doubt that in 2017 we have a slight issue when it comes to social media, even if we can’t admit it.

Between scandals of fake news, racism and catfishing – it is often easy to forget that the people at the centre of social media are us, humans, and that the reason everyone is on social media is the same: for a relationship (not necessarily a romantic one either).

In her new book ‘Sympathy’, Olivia Sudjic explores just how out of hand these ‘relationships’ can get.

Loner Alice Hare leaves England for New York to meet a grandmother and work out what to do with herself as a recent graduate. Instead she discovers a Japanese writer called Mizuko Himura who uses her own life in her fiction.

Alice becomes increasingly obsessed with Mizuko's online persona and the strange similarities she perceives between them. She quickly loses her grip on reality as she engineers a "chance" encounter with Mizuko and forges a suffocating friendship, intent on making herself part of Mizuko's life.

When Alice is eventually shut out by Mizuko, she uses the only tool at her disposal (mirroring what her idol might do) by writing herself back into Mizuko's story.

James Gilmore interviewed Olivia Sudjic (in a very noisy café) about her new book ‘Sympathy’ and how out of hand our relationship with social media has become.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore interviews Olivia Sudjic

James Gilmore interviews author Olivia Sudjic about her new book Sympathy and how out of hand our relationship with social media has become. (11 minutes)