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Interview with Gina Miller

10th November 2017 | Politics

Interview with Gina Miller

British campaigner and businesswoman Gina Miller has recently been voted as ‘the UK’s most influential black person’ by Powerlist, which recognises the achievements of those of African and African-Caribbean heritage.

And it’s not a surprise.

The Guyanese-born, British raised campaigner initiated the 2016 historical court case commonly known as “Miller’s Case” (formerly known as, “Miller vs Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union”) which, in the aftermath of the EU Referendum, saw Miller take on the British government by asking the High Court if it was legal to be triggering Article 50 (the law which signals the start of the EU exit process) without approval from Parliament.

Gina Miller’s challenge went all the way to the Supreme Court, and she won, with the court ruling that the UK Government must consult with Parliament before withdrawing from the EU.

Now, as a highly influential businesswoman and campaigner, Miller sits at the heart of Brexit and has unparalleled insight into the state of the negotiations from both sides.

In a special, tell-all interview with Benji Hyer, Gina Miller spoke honestly and candidly about her challenge against the UK Government and reveals all about the state of the Brexit negotiations.

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Benji Hyer interviews Gina Miller

Benji Hyer hosts a special, tell-all interview with Gina Miller about her challenge against the UK Government and the state of the Brexit negotiations. (45 minutes)

Hyer's Highlights: Parliament's Problems

5th November 2017 | Politics

Hyer's Highlights: Parliament's Problems

Incidents of sexual harassment has been on the public’s mind for many years now – however, the most recent storm that begun in Hollywood is now sweeping through institutions in the UK, namely the Houses of Parliament, on both benches.

More and more victims of sexual assault are sharing their story, or rather more allegations – some still unproven – are being brought forward.

This week, a story broke about Sir Michael Fallon, the then-Defense Secretary, placing his hand on the leg of a journalist. Julia Hartley-Brewer made no complaints, but the fear of further cases being revealed was the catalyst for Fallon to resign, claiming his behaviour has “fallen short” in the past. Then newspapers began publishing the so-called ‘Tory sex dossier’, containing a list of MPs whose behaviour was of concern.

On Benji Hyer’s Sunday radio show, listener Isabella wrote in suggesting that there needs to be “an entire overhaul of Parliament”. But, Benji Hyer feels that conflating issues sets a dangerous precedent.

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Benji Hyer on the recent Sexual Harassment storm

Benji Hyer responds to listener Isabella about the recent allegations regarding sexual assault in Hollywood and Parliament. (4 minutes)

Hyer's Highlights: Jared O'Mara

29th October 2017 | Politics

Hyer's Highlights: Jared O'Mara

Jared O’Mara – the 36-year-old Sheffield Hallam MP who was elected in June by unseating ex-deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg – has been suspended by Labour while it investigates misogynistic and homophobic comments he is alleged to have made online before being elected to Parliament.

The Labour leadership described Mr O'Mara’s online remarks as “horrendous” and “vile”. The MP in question has also apologised for these comments and said he was “deeply ashamed” of his actions, although he denies some more claims about recent comments which have emerged as well.

O’Mara’s remarks were when he was in his 20s so this is serving as a genuine reminder to young people who post distasteful stuff online that their comments will be there for ever, and could come back to bite them further down the line if they hope to serve in public office.

On Benji Hyer’s Sunday radio show, listeners Zach and Holly feel that once you're an adult, you have to take responsibility for what you put online.

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Benji Hyer on Jared OMara

Benji Hyer responds to listeners about responsibility on the internet following backlash to comments made by Jared OMara. (4 minutes)