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The Last 2 Years with Joseph Perry

16th October 2016 | Politics

The Last 2 Years with Joseph Perry

After two years at W!ZARD Radio Station, we have sadly said goodbye to Joseph Perry (for now!)

Here are some of the things that have taken place over the past two years, in Joseph’s words…

Britain stayed together, UKIP surged
Then SNP rose thanks to Nicola Sturge

Cameron's Conservatives won a majority
But the Eurosceptics had authority

For Miliband, Clegg and Farage election Friday was the end
But Nigel was back by Monday - we'll call it a weekend

Jeremy Corbyn was Labour's old look-hero
But soon the party's polls had crashed near to zero

The Prime Minister developed a taste for ham
FIFA was exposed as a sham

While across the pond
Parliament vs Trump threatened the special bond

The Queen turned ninety
By now, Donald's power was almighty

Sadiq Khan became London's new mayor
Gove and Johnson formed a great pair

That's until Brexit came
And Cameron left Downing Street under a cloud of shame

As Boris and Michael stumbled
It became clear; the rugby ball had been fumbled

Andrea Leadsom's nightmare day
Became a coronation for Prime Minister May

While New Labour were attacked for the Iraq War
Blair's decision making, it turns out, was poor

The pound crashed as hate crime began to soar
While Bake Off went to Channel 4

Now, fisty cuffs in the European Parliament mean Nigel Farage is back in charge...

Listen below to a highlight reel of the past 2 years - with some of the best, saddest and strangest moments of Joseph Perry's time at W!ZARD Radio Station.

[audio audio="" title="Highlights of Joseph Perry on W!ZARD Radio Station" descr="A short highlight reel of some of the best, saddest and strangest moments from Joseph…

My Day with the Police

9th October 2016 | Politics

My Day with the Police

“We’re used to gangs and stabbings here - in other boroughs it’s rarer, but we’re used to it here”.

The Metropolitan Police Service are under more scrutiny than ever and, often, they feel like they’re stuck in between a rock and a hard place with some of the, at times, life or death situations they must calculate. It can be difficult to fully understand the role of the police unless you spend time with them. So, that’s what I did.

It was a sunny afternoon in Croydon and I was in the back of a police car. The sirens were loud and we were speeding through red lights on the way to an emergency call describing an “IC3 man wearing a grey hoodie carrying a nine-inch knife in a park”. It was both thrilling, and terrifying. I hadn’t been in the car for 15 minutes yet and we were already fighting crime.

As we arrive in the park, the police turn their cameras on and start searching whilst communicating with their colleagues in the control room trying to get the latest information. The hoodie changes colour a couple of times, as does the description of the man he’s accompanied with and his location. After a few minutes, we’re back in the car trying to find the man on the streets.

This situation could have ended in one of many ways – but most of the ways would have required evidence. And that’s where the new body worn video cameras come in to play.

The Met is rolling out BWV’s (body worn video) across its whole force, and police in Croydon are one of the first boroughs to get them (it will be rolled out across other boroughs shortly). They’re a square device attached to officer’s…

Joseph Perry Presents: We Didn't Start The Fire

5th August 2016 | Politics

Joseph Perry Presents: We Didn't Start The Fire

2016 is the year that has defined this generation.

In a W!ZARD News Special on TeenScope, Joseph Perry hosts a look back at some of this year's most significant moments.

There's also a poignant reminder of some of the saddest stories of the past 8 months, from the deaths of music icons, to the murder of MP Jo Cox.

Helping Joseph to look back is Tom Harris - the Telegraph commentator and former Labour MP. Tom led the Brexit movement in Scotland, and is now actively campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn to be removed as Labour leader.

With so many bombshell headlines made in 2016 - listen below to hear our top 5.

Broadcasted worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Joseph Perry hosts a W!ZARD News Special: We Didn't Start The Fire

Joseph Perry hosts a W!ZARD News Special: We Didn't Start The Fire.