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Generation You on the Manchester Attack

28th May 2017 | Politics

Generation You on the Manchester Attack

This past week, the world was shaken once again by atrocities that took place in Manchester, England as there was a terrorist attack outside of the Manchester Arena, where Ariana Grande was playing that evening.

Many young people were killed, injured and impacted by this cowardly attack. And that’s what this is: a cowardly attack.

Live music is meant to be a very special place, and pop music is sacred. This was an attack on everything that pop music represents – the sense of belief and wonder and hope that pop stars give fans.

We will not let this divide us, and we will not stop loving the music we love – because that’s exactly what they would want us to do.

On Generation You this week, James Gilmore and Chloe Combi discussed the Manchester Attacks and how we can’t let attacks change our way of life.

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Generation You on the Manchester Attack

Chloe Combi and James Gilmore discuss the tragic attack in Manchester which has shaken the country over the past week. (5 minutes)

What We Know So Far: Manchester Attack

23rd May 2017 | Politics

What We Know So Far: Manchester Attack

Music is a safe place – nothing will ever disturb that. Our thoughts and wishes go out to those who have been affected by these incidents.

*Facts true at the time of writing. This information is subject to change*

At least twenty-two people – including children – have been killed, and more than 50 injured, in an apparent suicide attack at Manchester Arena. The blast occurred at 22:35 BST on Monday at the end of a concert by Ariana Grande.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said it was “the most horrific incident” Greater Manchester had ever faced. Fans attending the event described fear and confusion that gripped those caught up in the incident.

Here is what we know so far

• The explosion took place in the arena’s foyer, as people began streaming through the doors directly following the concert’s finale.
• At first, it was presumed to be from a burst balloon or faulty speaker, however eyewitnesses soon reported metal nuts and bolts strewn around the floor as well as the smell of explosives.
• The first victims have been named, and the injured are being treated at hospitals across Greater Manchester; many more are still missing.
• The nearby Victoria railway station was evacuated and all trains have been cancelled for Tuesday.
• Singer Ariana Grande is “ok” but emotionally “broken”; she has apologised to fans via Twitter. She has since cancelled the rest of her tour.
• The Arndale Shopping Centre was recently evacuated; footage shows crowds fleeing, however police indicate that it will soon be reopened to the public.

Is it a terrorist attack?

• It is being treated as a terrorist attack terror “until we have further information”.
• If confirmed as be a terrorist attack, it…

Interview with Rebecca Lowe

14th May 2017 | Politics

Interview with Rebecca Lowe

Rebecca Lowe describes herself as a "writer, reporter, and rambling itinerant".

When she set off solo from the UK for Iran by bicycle, via around 20 countries, her friends thought she had lost all her senses. But although she had to endure 6000+ miles of extreme heat and authoritarian police forces, and avoid conflict across the region, most of the people she met were a long way removed from stereotypes: overwhelmingly hospitable and unsympathetic to the likes of ISIS.

As a zealous cyclist and someone who is passionate about the politics of the Middle East, it was Benji Hyer’s privilege to invite Rebecca Lowe onto his show to share her fascinating story and her attempt to understand what lies beyond the headlines.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Benji Hyer interviews Rebecca Lowe

Benji Hyer interviews Rebecca Lowe about her eye-opening trip around the Middle East to find out what lies beyond the headlines. (19 minutes)

Follow Rebecca's journey on Facebook by clicking here or by visiting her blog here.