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On The Rise: Tayá

13th October 2017 | Pop Stop

On The Rise: Tayá

Flashback: It’s the 1960s, you’re a smartly dressed gentleman walking into a jazz lounge. Whilst puffing on your cigar, you make your way to the bar and ask for “one on the rocks” in a husky voice. Suddenly a voice appears from the stage. It’s cool and calm – a bit poppier than the jazz you were expecting – but still this is something you can “get down with”*.

Introducing: Tayá

*(For historical purposes, we’re not sure that the phrase “get down with” was used in the 1960s).

Why did we start this week’s On The Rise with that flashback? Because Tayá oozes the same levels of cool that you probably thought you had if you were that man in the 1960s. Only, now we’re in 2017, we know that Tayá is much cooler (and less greasy).

The Liverpool-based artist produces music which is categorically R&B – but her catchy hooks have the potential for a big pop cross-over. She first caught our attention with ‘Deeper’ in 2016 (her fifth single) – a track which merged electronic, drum and bass beats with her smooth voice.

But it’s 2017’s ‘When Ur Sober (feat. Yxng Bane)’ which really solder her.

The song, which combines jazz and R&B influences to form a pretty great pop track, is about how a man refuses to say those all important words when he’s sober, leading the girlfriend to start losing her patience.

By “those all important words” we’re assuming that Tayá is referring to the words, “The name is Bond, James Bond” or “Would you like fries with that?” because if it’s not those words, then it really is an anti-climax.

Yxng Bane’s feature is good too.

Since the single, in…

On The Rise: Lauv

6th October 2017 | Pop Stop

On The Rise: Lauv

He’s got one of the most divisive names in pop history (probably not, but also probably) but is producing tracks so perfect that if a pop song was a house, he’s the builder (but a very very good builder, who never gets paint on the door handles or light switches).

Introducing: Lauv

How do you pronounce it? Some people think it’s “Love”, others “Loorv”, but we are under good authority that it’s “LOWV”.

Whilst working with other artists, Lauv (whose real name is Ari Leff, FYI) has developed quite the positive reputation. He’s behind songs such as the oddly addictive ‘Boys’ by Charli XCX and ‘No Promises’ by Cheat Codes & Demi Lovato (previous features Loote were also a part of that).

Those are massive pop credits, so it only makes sense for Ari AKA Lauv to make the move to full-on artist mode.

Lauv’s debut single (2015’s ‘The Other’) was universally well received. Clocking over 112M streams on Spotify, it led him to touring around the world and cultivating a tightly loyal fanbase. Follow up single, ‘Reforget’ had a similar amount of finger snapping, but less streams (15M).

Leaving 2015 behind us – in 2016 he released more tracks such as ‘Question’ featuring Travis Mills (more of an R&B vibe) but things have really started to kick off this year (2017 – in case you’re reading this in the future) with: ‘I Like Me Better

With over 183M streams on Spotify, it perhaps makes Lauv one of this year’s pop breakthroughs – alongside the likes of Julia Michaels and Khalid. The song is based on the complex, psychoanalytical concept of a man (AKA Ari) liking himself ‘better’ when he is with someone else (probably because of…

On The Rise: Billie Eilish

28th September 2017 | Pop Stop

On The Rise: Billie Eilish

When it comes to pop music, a little bit of “attitude” is important – after all, how are we meant to be able to ‘strut our stuff in the club’ (that’s a commonly used phrase, right?) with that bit of teenage angst to go with it?

Well, here’s an artist with plenty of attitude + a ton of incredible song writing + an amazing voice + everything that you need to be an incredible pop star.

Introducing: Billie Eilish

The LA native (who’s middle name is ‘Pirate’ – just for some fun facts) is making serious impressions with her music at the moment, with most of the attention coming from her creative lyrics and incredible, silky voice (that phrase is a bit gross, is it not?).

She’s also 15 years old, so that’s quite cool.

Billie Eilish’s debut single was ‘Ocean Eyes’ which was released on SoundCloud in 2016 and quickly went viral. The song, essentially about getting dumped, includes the lyrics: “I’ve been walking through, A world gone blind, Can’t stop thinking of your diamond mind”.

What has followed is a barrage of love – and, increasingly, a barrage of step ladders with a shot of Billie sitting under a step ladder being used as the artwork for debut EP, ‘don’t smile at me’ (yes, all in lower case).

The EP is truly amazing – with songs such as ‘COPYCAT’ (about someone copying you – containing the lyrics, “You got your finger on the trigger, but your trigger finger’s mine”… how smart!) and ‘Bellyache’ which, as far as we can work out, is a song about eating your best friends, “My friends aren’t far, in the back of my car, lay their bodies… but now I got a…